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How to download & install your content pack

Thanks for thrust Jetstream Charts for your flights. You will be 100% satisfied while using any of the products that Jestream has available. In order to install the content pack into ForeFlight, follow these easy steps, once you become familiar with them, it will be very fast and easy to update them in the future:

  1. Log in. Please log into your Jetstream Charts account with your iPad or iPhone where you intend to install the content pack.
  2. Go to Downloads Page. Navigate to the top right blue circle and access the Downloads menu (3rd option.
  3. Verify the desired Download. Please locate the desired product you want to update and verify on the orange button the Cycle to be updated. You can check when your product subscription will expire in the third column, this date means when you will stop receive updates and won’t be able to download them any further.
  4. Download your Files. Click on the orange button to download the content pack file. Remember to download it directly into your iPad or iPhone, if you click this button in any other device, the available download will be used and discounted to the number of downloads available.
  5. Install the files on ForeFlight. The downloaded file will usually go into the FILES app in the iPad or iPhone. Longpress this file, go to share and select ForeFlight. Once in ForeFlight select content packs and it will automatically be installed
  6. Verify the Installed Content Pack. Please go to the ForeFlight menu and navigate to Custom Content. Verify in the left menu bar that the installed product appear (It may take a couple of seconds to appear, give it some time, ForeFlight is working to show you the information), and check for the content pack name, the cycle and version of it, and the Effective and Expiration Dates. In these section you will be able to consult all the GEN, ENR, AD, SUP and AIC text information for any AIP.

If the downloaded file failed to download or it stopped for some reason and you run out of remaining downloads, please contact Jetstream charts via email, phone or whatsapp to get your downloads reset, please have ready your order number for faster service.

Any questions? Urgent requests? Call anytime!! Jetstream will give you the best personalized customer service.